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MBU Puffer quarantine


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Hi Everyone I do not post often, more of just a lurker, but I can use some help. 

Recently I rescued a MBU puffer(Jack).  He is about 18 inches long. My kids have already fallen in love with him, as have I.


He seems to be pretty healthy, but I want to quarantine prior to moving him into my 330 gallon tank.

I was thinking of the Med trio, but have read puffers are sensitive to medication. Would any of the med trio be harmful to the puffer?


Thank you again for your help and advise.




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I wouldn't treat unless your seeing any symptoms medication can be very stressful for fish I would just monitor for a minimum of 4 weeks and make sure it's eating and active treat with the appropriate medication if you see any symptoms @Covina_fishguyto answer your question paracleanse maracyn are fine if I remember rightly it recommends a half dose of ick X for  more sensitive fish 

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