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My First Community Tank


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Hello All!

I am setting up my first community tank, and just looking for somewhere to keep my progress. 

I have kept a few Bettas in 5 gallon cycled tanks, the last of which I had for 4 years.  For plants I had moss balls and java fern.

After a 3 year hiatus, a few moves and some general life getting in the way, I started to concider getting another fish.  As I started looking at a new setup since I had gotten rid of my old one I started to be very interested in a larger tank, and have spent that past few months deciding.


I picked up a 20g long, glass lid, nicrew 24/7 light, sponge filter, and a tetra ex30.  I packed the filter with sponge, floss and some purigen (to remove tannins I don't care for the black water look).


Here is my hardscape, I am just waiting on plants.

It is a dirted tank, capped with hth pool filter sand.

Manopi wood, river rock, terracotta pot, and a random driftwood stick that I think I might remove if I can find another way to hide the heater


tl/dr: first community tank 20g long.  Have experience with Bettas and cycling a tank.  Here is my hardscape.

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I got the tank planted last week and the water is finally clear.

I used a bottle of fritz zyme 7.  I am already showing 0 amonia 24 hours after dosing 2ppm, and showing nitrates, but nitrite is still showing over 5ppm.


Plant List

Golden Creeping Jenny

Jungle Val

Java Fern Windlove

Java Moss

Dwarf Sag

Anubias Barteri

Monte Carlo

Assorted Buce

Mystery Crypt

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