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Just brought this pretty boy!


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(Just to clarify- this betta will NOT go in my 75 gallon- that’s going to be a small, shortfinned female- not Sprinkles, my absolute sociopath of a female, but some other female.)

So, with that out of the way, here’s the boy! I’m deciding on names. Either Malibu, Sunset, or…S (my favorite character’s name). I’m arranging with the seller, and he will be shipped on the Monday of next week. I’ve got a nice 20 gallon set up for him- it’s supposed to be a walstad, but there’s filtration and heating anyways. Will make sure to send many fish pics when he arrives.


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Aw, I’m sorry for your loss- hopefully you’ll find a nice fish to replace him with.

Lol, there’s actually a video on the actual listing of him, and he’s definitely got a personality on him. 

I’m not gonna decide on a name yet, but I’m betting he’s likely gonna end up Malibu the betta. After all, what else can his colors bring to mind?

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