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Nicaraguan Ornate Slider

Stephen Zawacki

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I’m not a turtle guy, so hope someone else chimes in.

Basics first… “peacock sliders” cover a variety of species, from sources as  different as Nicaragua to Belize.

Here’s a very simple intro video:

From what I can tell, they do not reach full size until at least 3-years old. Probably they grow larger after that too.

Tail size / thickness appears to be one point of sexual dimorphism: males have thick tails; females by comparison have thin tails.

An upward curve on the tail of a juvenile is not something I see much about. It is  observed that turtles in distress sometimes curve their tails to the side though.

Alright… that’s it for a non-turtle-person novice 😅

Hopefully smarter turtle people will have pity on my weak answer and give you a proper reply 🤣🤣🤣

I will say… a few weeks ago, I was hiking up on this little mountain…


And I nearly stepped on this wild Eastern Box Turtle…


So pretty! Must have a ton of them up there…

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