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New betta!

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The late Sunflower (previous betta, who was also my first betta) had impressed me with how intelligent she was.  

New girl is - pretty?  LOL 

But maybe I’m underestimating her, because I’m pretty sure her eyesight is bad.  Is that common in white and pastel colors?  I know it is in mammals, don’t know about fish.  

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She looks like Drows. I would name her after a Drow. Minthara maybe? 😛 

This is a common coloring I see from my betta guy too both in males and females. I think this one wont color up much further like the other. 

as far as I know, the bad eyesight is commonly seen in dragonscaledbettas due to overgrowth of scales potentially making them blind. Im not sure poor eyesight is a common thing in these ones specifically. Maybe bad breeding and stuff may lead to it? But I believe she might just need time to settle and know you. The only thing I can mention is big ears are a bit problematic. At leasts hers isnt so big. Make sure to keep the flow very gentle and avoid a tall tank, and I believe it should be okay

welcome home, Minthara!



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On 8/17/2023 at 4:19 PM, xXInkedPhoenixX said:

She looks exactly like Purple, my rescue Betta, now known as Zaggi- since now she resides in my Mum's tank. She looked like that when I rescued her from a bigbox store, now she looks like (actually she's gotten darker): 


Okay, I need her for my boy. Look!



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She’s getting a little more vibrant, but I don’t think she’s going purple - she has wine-colored undertones in the veining on her fins, and the iridescence ranges from aqua to pale yellow-green.  



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Just a little update - she hasn’t changed much in base color, but the iridescence is crazy and her fins have grown out a bit.  My niece says she is “rainbow magical.”  

She’s dropped eggs once so far and keeps a bubble nest, too.  




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