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Bacterial infection? Parasites?


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Hey everyone! I have a giant betta which I had imported about 2 months ago. He has been doing great until I noticed some inflammation on his left pectoral fin. I did a salt dip (1 tbsp/gal for 7 minutes) with some methelyne blue in case it was fungal and added almond leaves to the tank. I repeated the dip 48 hours later (yesterday) and noticed it looked ulcerated, and today it seems worse and now there is inflammation under an adjacent scale. He is still eating and swimming and interacting but not using the fin as much. I would like to move him to a hospital tank, but I’m not sure which direction to go with treatment. Should I do low level salt and pick up an antibiotic? If so which one is best? Or is this something all of my googling has missed? I’ll be going in to aquarium co-op tomorrow and hopefully one of the guys at the shop will have an idea, but I figured I’d try and crowd source it first. 

I’m also not sure how to get a video or photo on here from my phone...so that’s a bummer...

pH: 6.4



nitrate: between 5-10

Temp 79’

unsure of kh and gh 


Thanks so much!

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