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Hi everyone! I’ve been fishkeeping for about 2 1/2 years now. I’ve bred bettas, Japanese trapdoor snails, African dwarf frogs (but didn’t raise the young), and platies. All my aquariums are freshwater except one. I have 12 aquariums;

One 55 saltwater Two 20s, 16 gallon quarantine, two 10s, one 5.5, two 5 splits, one normal 5 and two 1s.

one of the 20s is for my axolotl, Ramen.31C01893-F30E-4E52-AB15-47E7E9983729.jpeg.ba5cbe90402ab661213418068e8d9317.jpeg

He is a high iridiphore gold albino gfp axolotl.

here are some of my other fish:

Black Samurai Male45E04BFC-F531-40E2-9806-0D931467EDAA.jpeg.1ba3b17ae9f37bda030b51b99243e491.jpeg

Yellow Copper MaleEBF9DE35-7D87-4110-9D1E-B9A3923DDAA2.jpeg.af50fe11fdb48610b1c7a24e84979aa1.jpeg

Black Samurai Female65106848-831F-480B-98D7-4BBB222CF4A2.jpeg.d565643ab016fb551529d0e1485a6b2e.jpeg

Blue Marble Male0B6FFFA0-971A-4278-81D4-6E7A8088FBA8.jpeg.83c3fa2e3b4ec3c362fa6b967472971f.jpeg

Veiltail MaleC96F095C-A0EA-4BE9-8A55-524F1C866A60.jpeg.91a317a3281fca276ca152b5f4d8bca2.jpeg

Crowntail Female128C0F4E-700F-4EC0-8D3A-1E903C29E66C.jpeg.a04f3be61dbac7bdcb749cc32296757c.jpeg

Koi Male14A1B504-7721-4BD3-A56B-E5F1880D51A6.jpeg.d0bc110285e11cbac7fb9f6a1fb9ac07.jpeg

Snow Dragon Female47C977C6-88BB-49FD-8F4B-12E22BD4BE8B.jpeg.1988361f6e20ca7552f3eb6323756b6c.jpeg

Dumbo FemaleCBDF4BFD-7D37-420B-A335-BA79B489482C.jpeg.89c5fe98fb82c47ed0c90c1c1596d69e.jpeg

Glofish Female322E77D8-28E9-4F7E-A4C4-4B3E408436D9.jpeg.883dbed600d289f350673786b4222cab.jpeg

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Very lovely Bettas! I use to keep saltwater ages ago, but found the dedication insanely more difficult than what I do on freshwater side now. Then again, I might be talking outta my rear, as if not for this forum, I might be out of my element, so to speak. 😂 Anyways, welcome to the forum!! 🙂 

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Welcome to the forum.  Beautiful Bettas 😍 and Axolotl is SO cool.  Have fun with our forum.  I say "our" because the people here are great and very knowledgeable and they have made me feel right at home.

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