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My 100-Gallon Adventure

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I'm here to blog about my first large tank! Several weeks ago I was met with great luck -- a 100-gallon acrylic tank with stand & miscellaneous decor/supplies for less than $200 from a seller who only lived a mile from me!



The tank and stand barely fit in our garage with the car...


The stand was very rusty, so I spent this weekend and yesterday cleaning it up giving it coats of Rustoleum and glossy enamel:



I gave the stand a good scrub and sanding to get rid of as much of the rust as possible...



First coat -- Rustoleum Reformer to prevent the remaining rust from spreading further.



Top coat -- shiny black enamel to give it that brand-new look! This is also my first time restoring any kind of furniture and I'm quite proud of what I've done!


My next step is to clear out space for it in my office/future fish room. It's currently a mess of boxes & junk because we just moved into the house last year and my severe ADHD keeps me from making much progress in unpacking & organizing, but I hope this tank project puts some fire under my feet!



The sunroom of our house serves as my work-from-home office. It also doubles as the cat room and will also become my fish room! You can see that I already have a couple tanks set up with my current fish...


I also need to ponder on what to put in the 100-gallon tank. I'm currently favoring several ranchu goldfish, but feel free to throw other stocking ideas at me!!!

I'll continue to update this thread as my project progresses...

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Looks good! Goldfish could be lovely. Underrated, I think.

There's a channel I watch from an aquarist in Europe who plays around with a large tank, redoing it every year or so. His stocking ideas are interesting...

I personally like his set up with Geophagus Tapajos...


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It took some effort from weighing a ton, but the 100gal stand is finally in the sunroom/office!


It's placed right next to my desk! Ideally, I'd want it behind me so the tank is visible during Zoom meetings, but to the side will do.


I also moved my 40gal to the other side of the room. I'm starting a fresh cycle and new plants for it should be arriving soon. All my stock and existing plants & sponge filters are currently in that bottom 20gal or in a storage bin filled with water.


Next, to get the sunroom back order. Literally everything had to be shifted around and there's currently a mess of boxes everywhere. I can't wait for this. to finally look like a presentable fish room! 

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