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Clever tricks/gadgets/hacks for cleaning bare-bottom tanks?

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For my scarlet badis breeding project, I want to keep the bottom of the tanks very clean so I can see the very tiny eggs the fish scatter when spawning.

So far, I've just been siphoning with some rigid tubing and and moving around the bottom.  It works ok, but it's tedious.

More generally, my bare tanks end up covered with poop and brown algae.

In the videos with Dean, the bottom of his tanks always look really clean and I can only imagine he (and someone here) has a more efficient technique.

What's the best way to clean bare-bottom tanks?

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I used an algae scraper type of thing for algae on mine.  You can also use sponges and then use the siphon.  I would get yourself a python branded siphon when you can.  They work well and are designed to make the job easy.  There are also 3d printed things you can add to the end of a siphon tube which will act like a vacuum attachment.

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I use things like these. They are thin so can be disposed after each use. I sometimes use a turkey baster and blow everything to a corner to siphon. 
Make sure the sheets are 100% melamine with no dyes, cleaning agents or perfumes. I don’t recommend keeping the tank squeaky clean. A lot of what grown on the surfaces helps stabilize the tank. 


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