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Soil-less worms update success but what about...

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Soil-less worm experiment update.

My attempts to culture whiteworms as I do grindal worms has been a decent success. 

I started with the grindal worm on scotchbrite pads. Current yield after rinse and re-kibble


I started trying this same method with the bigger whiteworms months ago. Some on blue pads some on green pads.  




I rinse the pads and make sure there is a 1/4"  of distilled water in the bottom to keep them hydrated during the week. That kibble is replaced every 3 days or  so to give a general sense of the worm counts involved. 

Now im thinking....Could i do this with blackworms, tubifex, etc?

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I tried the scotch pads after I seen you do it in a previous thread. I did not have luck with them. My grindal cultures are in a wooden chest of drawers near the heater. Actually I should say I did have success until They became worm jerky when my hubby turned the heat on in fall. 
Im surprised that yours eat the kibble dry. I have to soak mine first. 
Im going to try kibble today for one of my white worm cultures. I do the bread yogurt and yeast stinky method. I would love the ease of kibble. 
As always I learn something from each of the posts that come down from the mountain top 🤗

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