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Beta is not swimming, has bulge on its side, plz help.


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Hello, I need some help here. I have a new'ish Betta, which I got for my children in December. For the last month it has slowly become more and more lethargic and now spends all of its time lying down on the floor or in between some plant leaves. It only swims up to get food and is clearly having issues getting around. 

It also has a slight bulge on its left side which I noticed today. I renew the water every few weeks, but I did have a soft water issue for a long time that went unnoticed (because I didn't test it). I also used one of those dissolving fish food tablets for Bettas for two weeks as the family went on vacation. I also realized I was over-feeding it for the first two months (was giving 5-10 grains vs 3 grains of Beta food).

Would really like some help here. Thank you!


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A little more information would be helpful what are your water parameters ammonia nitrite nitrate pH temperature what percentage of water changes are you doing and what type of filter are you using 

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