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Hi from OKC


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I'm Pete. I got into this fish hobby about a year ago. My family has really enjoyed it. Recently, I setup a 10 gal in my kid's bedroom for our betta with a beautiful Pogostemon Stellatus Octopus from the Co-Op (thanks @Cory) and we added three Khuli loaches and an ivory Mystery Snail. 

I've also got a 10 gallon full of Vallesnaria and a big Java Fern Wendilov (and some struggling Mayaca) where our Amano Shrimp, Otos, Ember Tetras and Red Wag Platies live. We just got our first batch of fry from the platies a few weeks ago. I think there are seven fry, but they hide in the val a lot so it's hard to get a good count.

We also setup a 100 gal tank outside and got some white clouds from Aquahuna. They're popping out babies like crazy! 

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