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Worried for this Guppy

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     Our female guppies have been beating fry for a few weeks. We have dozens at the moment. For the last few days, I’ve noticed that one female in particular seems to be having a hard time giving birth. She spends quite a bit of time upside down, sometimes twirling. Are her fry stuck? I’ve never witnessed this before. I thought she was dead at first. Anything I can do? E9404822-BDC7-43EC-AAFD-BE1968FBF20D.jpeg.97a7c86d772cf19010fedd2a89f60cb0.jpeg

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I've rarely seen Guppies recover from that. If she dies, be sure to get her out before ammonia builds up too much. It's typically something gone wrong with a swim bladder. I've also observed something like a "twirling disease" -- which may also have a relation to the swim bladder. I personally do not know of a cure.

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