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Is this a fungus?

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My long fin Serpae tetra, has something going on near eye, and it wasn't there 3 days ago. Could this be a fungus? I know Cory recommends Fritz Maracyn but I want to be sure I am treating this fairly accurately.  Could it be stress? He is fairly new but the other 4 smaller serpae are just fine.... for now.

PH : 6.8

Nitrate: 50

GH: 300 (i have well water)

Nitrite: 0

Ammonia: 0

KH: 40

Temperature: 85*



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That looks more like a bacterial infection. But if it is _fuzzy_ it is fungal. I use API medications. But being honest… about the only illness I seem any good at mitigating is Ich. The last time I had major Fungal issues, I used Fungus Cure. That turned my tank mad green…


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It looks like over production of the slime coat that can be caused by a bacterial infection or parasitic infection I would say more than likely a bacterial infections I would treat with a combination of maracyn and ick X that will cover bacterial and fungal infections 

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