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Feral endlers

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I've had black bar endlers for years but they've been in this 75g since it was broken down a few years ago.  No water movement no filtration.  Rainwater topoff and a cup of natural sea water a few times a year.  There is a carpet of sulpher smelling algae that I pull off the bottom every month or so like a sheet of fabric.

They have died back to just babies every few winters when the 1st cold front catches me off guard.  Seems they are more cold tolerant than the adults.  I wonder if they will select for cold hardyness.

Also I've been considering gradually turning it fully saltwater to get rid of the frogs.  They keep us up at night and cover the surface in spawn.

Their metallic colors have become vivid and golden in this ugly water.  Here is a juvie I caught while netting frogspawn.







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That is really cool.  If man can turn a wolf into a Chihuahua, then I think you might have been able to manufacture cold water Endler's. 🙂

I'm just guessing, but I bet there would be a market for those.  Aquarium Co Op could sell them as "Cold Water Endler's" that can go with rice fish in outdoor ponds... 🙂

By the way, I love the coloring!!! 🙂

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I've been told the coloration is because they are raised in green water and eat lots of algae.  They have a gold hue that doesn't come through in the photos, which may be from live oak tannins.

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