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Shrimp Question

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I’ve struggled with keeping neocaridina in the past and on occasion still struggle today. I have one particular thriving 10 gallon that I’m convinced a lack of bothering it is the reason it’s thriving. With that being said the front glass is covered with algae/biofilm so I don’t get to view them very well. Question is if I clean the front glass will it disturb the colony/ provide a significant lack of grazing surface area/ supplemental feeding opportunity and drastically effect the colony or will they still have enough? 

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Do you have wood in the tank, did you have wood in the tank before?  Was there any more/less hardscape before compared to now?

Shrimp will do just fine being in a clean tank with regular water changes.  Depending what the tap is, you may risk more stress by not doing water changes.  I know.... I know.... Everyone things you can tank shrimp and toss them into anything with water and not have a filter or do water changes, but that isn't what would be "best".  And that setup requires a very specific scenario. 

The main thing to have success is to keep them happy.  Water in = water out in terms of parameters and keep things stable.  If you're not doing water changes and then have differing parameters, you'd want to ensure to slowly drip in water to encourage stability with the tank during that "acclimation" to the new parameters following the water changes.

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