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I am assuming the paint came off, can anyone recommend a replacement?

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This is one of my bettas FAVORITE decoration. He literally lives underneath it, despite having about 6 SeeShelters and tubes in his tank.

I noticed the sand by where the bottom of the bridge sits was all black when I did his water change today. Pulled it out and saw the decoration was black on the bottoms. It didn't look like algae and I am assuming it was the paint coming off? If this was paint, how toxic/bad might that be?

This is a really common decoration you get at like Petco or PetSmart, so has anyone else had this issue? I scooped all the sand out that I could and tossed it, but I feel really bad taking the decoration out since my boy likes it so much. Does anyone have any recommendations for a replacement that might be similar, with no paint?




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Honestly if it were me, I would just replace it if there was one and you were worried about it. Personally I probably would just leave it, decor can cause problems but I doubt it will cause any drastic change or toxic leaching. If it were going too, I think you would have noticed it pretty fast. As far as replacement paints I’ve heard Krylon fusion after it dries is Aquarium safe, never used it before though.

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I think it's fine @Goldie Blue most of these sculptures are made of a resin that is safe for aquariums and if you haven't noticed often come with crappy (though also presumably safe) paint jobs. I'd keep using it. It has character. Likely the bridge is still made if you look for it. It's probably PennPlax or some other similar brand. A few of my sculptures aren't fully painted and are black inside. 

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