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General Platy Breeding Question

Chris Lad

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I've been considering trying to intentionally breed some platy fish.  I'm wondering should I just stick to one variety of platy? If I mix a bunch of colors and patterns what will happen?  Will I get different offspring or will they end up being a drab muddled brown?

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Platy coloration crossing is difficult to predict. You will get some interesting fish for sure. They don't all turn brown . . . but they are not altogether easy to predict.

I recommend choosing one line that you really love, and breeding them true to their line. Save crossing colors for another project down the line once you dial in your proficiency.

I have never been disappointed with a bold Red Wag Platy, or a Steel Blue Platy...



I like to look for mine here.

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You are in for some fun!
I love the surprise of getting unexpected colors even though my whole goal was to breed blue platies. 
I bought three female blue platies from a local shop. They had hundreds of babies who were either blue, pale peach,or silver. I kept only blue babies for myself and when the blue babies had babies almost all the babies were blue, silver, or bright red/ orange tux, and one guy who is mostly silver but has red patches— you can see him in the background in the photo below. 
The big surprise to me was that the pale peach color was very washed out in the first generation but so vibrant later. All the platies in the first two pics below are grandchildren of the blue platies in the last photo.



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