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Guppy Fry Tank - Hydra


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Hey All

I Have a 5G Guppy Fry tank that I have been feeding Live Baby Brine and Hikari Micro Pellets, The Fry are 3 weeks old. I've noticed on the sponge Filter that has hair algae on it and the glass that I have a new tenant.. Hydra, I'm not sure whether they are white or green but are only about 4-5mm long. I would like to know should I let nature take its course and wait for the fry to be large enough to eat them? ( do they eat them?) or must I remove the fry and starve the hydra?

Thank you in advance

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Thats up to you my friend. Hydra aren't generally harmful and shouldn't be a problem for your fry. They will make short work of them when they get bigger. I think they're kind of cool personally but I did have to sick some guppies on mine because I had a glass skater (Hillstream) that didn't like roving over them. However, this is just a guppy tank, I say keep the free food, that's my vote.

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