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The automated live fry food feeder...maybe

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Necessity being the mother of invention.....

My spotted congo fry came just before when the family vacation in a few weeks. A vacation right in the middle of puffer growing season does not end with puffers for me.

I decided to attempt to automate the feedings using a bigger paramecium culture a wifi timer and a topoff doser.

This is version 3 of the automated paramecium feeder (and possibly a moina feeder). The cloudy 20 high to the right of the 60 breeder fry tank is a paramecium culture using wheat berries and yeast filled half way should be ready by then but for now the half gallon mason jar is good for approximately 30 one minute 50ml feedings. 

The polyfilter cube seen in the german breeding ring is a visual indicator of water quality for me. Its just a little insurance against any organic buildup. The ring is floating in a 60 breeder with a sicce pro 900 for filtration and the sponge filter on the ring.

You can see a puffer fry eating a paramecium at the end




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