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Hello everyone

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I'm from Ohio iv been keeping fish hardcore now for about 3 years I have 11 tanks 7 running just took 2 Nanos down. Around 15 kinds of fresh water fish and idk maybe 10 to 20 different aquarium plants iv breed about 4 different fish including mystery snails and shrimp. And I'm always telling my fish to stop running because they keep tripping over the snails..lol looking forward to learning and sharing. 

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Yes but the lights are just about to come on.. I'll add later today it's 730am here. I'll do a few of my 55 with green neon tetras, white clouds, guppies, sae, dwarf crayfish, and maybe my pea puffers they are still shy I just got a few days ago. Have them in a 20g standard under my 15g cherry shrimp breeding tank

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Can spell or proof read.lol
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