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Documenting my tanks progression, plants and fish updates


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The smaller is my 10 gallon with neon tetras and one blue mystery snail. The larger is 29 gallons:2 white cloud minnows, 4-5 Cardinal tetras, 2 blue mystery snails.


I was super busy at work and getting stressed. so, i topped up my tanks and only did water changes if the test kit showed I needed it. I have plans to keep up with it and divide the plants when they start to multiply like i've done in the past. Documenting some of it will help me keep an eye on the progression. i have a small notebook and a folder on my computer for the pictures so that should help with motivation. 


Any tips are welcome. I am slightly worried about the mystery snails being too prolific since my fish are probably too small to snack on the small ones. I had nerites a few years ago so this is my first time with mystery snails. 

I might sell some of the more colorful ones and my local pet shop guy said if I can get them to the size i bought them he'll take a few every now and then. Ebay is an option but i'd prefer to just control it to a manageable level. 

"edit" I'd actually be very excited for more snails but reading online lists off people with problems with too many but i'd be happy to have more. I have crushed coral in my hang on backs. 



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