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Found 5 results

  1. I have a 65 and a 75 gallon tank. The 65 was my large community, but is down to: 2 Silver Dollars, 2 SAEs and a marbled Angel. The 75 is my single species tank with 4 TFBs. They are the smaller variety and won’t exceed 8”. If I can find them I will add two more. The goal: a large planted community tank. Problem #1: Both tanks are devoid of plants except for whatever survives behind a protective fence. The TFBs have somehow managed to uproot and drag whole stem and floating plants through the grate. The Silver Dollars will also eat any plant or algae in the tank, but they don't seem to have a problem with the other fish. Problem #2: Due to its height, the 75 would be the better choice for plants, but I really like the empty look, with the schooling TFBs. Problem #3: The TFBs are normally very peaceful. The smallest fish is a bit of a problem child, and I don’t know if it is just an occasional bully or exhibiting mating behavior. It is interesting to watch them swim side by side a fins length apart. Problem #4: In the past I have seen one of the TFBs swimming with a small Bala shark protruding from its mouth. The small shark might have already been carrion. For that reason, I’m not positive that the barbs will leave the SAEs or the Angelfish alone, but the SAEs can easily swim pass the fence for now. Problem #5: This is the real problem. These are supposed to be peaceful community fish. I previously tried to move the SDs into the barb tank, and it did not go well. There are no hiding places in the barb tank. The SDs were attacked, and had to be removed within the hour. All of the fish are mature. So I am wondering if I should risk returning the SDs to the 75 and hope that they adjust to each other, or should I move the TFBs to the 65 and let the TFBs adjust to their new environment?
  2. A month ago, I found a 40 gal on the side of the road. I cleaned it up and started to cycle it. After the cycling process, I added 1- Pearl Gourami 1- Swordtail 2- Sunburst platy 5- cherry barbs 3- kuhli loaches (planning to get more) 15 - Cardinal Tetras I want to add a Red Checkerboard/ Pidgeon blood discus. I have no problems with doing every other day water changes. Would the discus be compatible with my tank and what temperature should I keep it at.
  3. The smaller is my 10 gallon with neon tetras and one blue mystery snail. The larger is 29 gallons:2 white cloud minnows, 4-5 Cardinal tetras, 2 blue mystery snails. I was super busy at work and getting stressed. so, i topped up my tanks and only did water changes if the test kit showed I needed it. I have plans to keep up with it and divide the plants when they start to multiply like i've done in the past. Documenting some of it will help me keep an eye on the progression. i have a small notebook and a folder on my computer for the pictures so that should help with motivation. Any tips are welcome. I am slightly worried about the mystery snails being too prolific since my fish are probably too small to snack on the small ones. I had nerites a few years ago so this is my first time with mystery snails. I might sell some of the more colorful ones and my local pet shop guy said if I can get them to the size i bought them he'll take a few every now and then. Ebay is an option but i'd prefer to just control it to a manageable level. "edit" I'd actually be very excited for more snails but reading online lists off people with problems with too many but i'd be happy to have more. I have crushed coral in my hang on backs.
  4. I've had an established tank with 5 angelfish and other community fish for almost a year now, with only 1 casualty, until this. A few days ago a woke up to one of the angel fish dead in the center of tank. I thought maybe it just had something wrong internally and went about my day after testing the water and seeing just a slight ammonia rise. Today I got home from work, and its buddy who was always with it in the back also turned up... I retested everything. Everything was fine, nitrates are the only thing that seem a little high at 15-20. I tested the tap water also, tap tested at 10. I'm not sure why they both passed, but all the other fish seem to be doing fine. If anyone has any ideas on why they might have died, I'd be intrested in hearing your thoughts.
  5. hi all been years since i had a tank . just recovered from a nasty messy divorce about 4 years ago and I've finally landed back on my feet once again. i really missed this hobby and would like to get my feet wet again lol and I'm looking at a eco tank setup if possible, but if need be, a filter powered tank is ok. would like to setup a betta with some betta friendly community fish tank near my bed. I've seen a few betta Nano tank setup ups at a fish shop and was thrown back with the pricing and they were generally around the 12 L capacity and thought, wow, that's small and be a challenge to keep the water parameters in check along with the GH and nutrient levels for the plants. saw a new tank, i think about 50L capacity at the store and I'm tempted to buy that, get some frost tint to stick on the back, a good light, heater and filter costing around the $350 mark I'm open for suggestions and after some good deals, if any, in this group. I'm also considering a HOB filter or a mini canister filter for the setup, mainly for the quietness . fish I'm thinking of raising in the tank (well not all, but considering only a few species of): betta Nano chilli tetra's Otto guppies I'm after some if those Indian almond leaves for treating the tank also
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