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Found 7 results

  1. The smaller is my 10 gallon with neon tetras and one blue mystery snail. The larger is 29 gallons:2 white cloud minnows, 4-5 Cardinal tetras, 2 blue mystery snails. I was super busy at work and getting stressed. so, i topped up my tanks and only did water changes if the test kit showed I needed it. I have plans to keep up with it and divide the plants when they start to multiply like i've done in the past. Documenting some of it will help me keep an eye on the progression. i have a small notebook and a folder on my computer for the pictures so that should help with motivation. Any tips are welcome. I am slightly worried about the mystery snails being too prolific since my fish are probably too small to snack on the small ones. I had nerites a few years ago so this is my first time with mystery snails. I might sell some of the more colorful ones and my local pet shop guy said if I can get them to the size i bought them he'll take a few every now and then. Ebay is an option but i'd prefer to just control it to a manageable level. "edit" I'd actually be very excited for more snails but reading online lists off people with problems with too many but i'd be happy to have more. I have crushed coral in my hang on backs.
  2. I'm planning on setting up a 125 gallon or 120 gallon Male peacock tank and I'm wondering what's a good light to show off there colors really well, not so powerful that it grows lots of algae, has a night blue mode so I can use when introducing new peacocks to the tank and be long enough for a 125 or 120 (72" or 48") also what would you do for the tank size 125 or 120?
  3. Lot of planted tank, nano fish, shrimp, and snail talk around here. Not much for African cichlids or other larger species but this thread is AC only. I admit over the last 2 years I have throughly enjoyed learning about plants and keeping smaller fish and tanks. But I was looking into my AC tank tonight and the beauty of these fish reminded me of when I bought them all as juveniles. Every day I was so excited to come home after work when the lights were on to see if they had started showing color yet! When my venustus got the slightest patch of blue on his face I was smiling for days. I didn’t believe everyone saying they were a difficult fish to keep. The aggression is a real factor and to keep the hierarchy in check is near impossible. I have an all male show tank and they can get rough with each other. Anyway feel free to post some pics of your AC from any lake, river, whatever as long their from Africa and a cichlid.
  4. So I want to do a chiclid tank but I want to know what can go with the what I believe is a peacock or a electric blue hap I already have if any one can Id it I will put a pic his main Identifying features are a blue body and yellow dots on his back bottom fin
  5. Hi guys- Over the past three days or so the white, pimple-like lesions on the face of our Peacock Cichlid have worsened. Just recently, it appears as though the lesions are becoming reddened, possibly because of irritation or infection? They almost look like blisters??? Of course the first thing that pops up with any mention of white spots on fish is Ich, but I don't believe this to be that. Can anyone tell me from the pictures what we're dealing with here? Water Parameters- Temperature- 79°F Nitrite- 0 ppm, Nitrate- 30 ppm, and Ammonia- 0 ppm. Thanks guys! Note- no other fish are exhibiting any similar symptoms.
  6. I am wanting to set up a 10 x 12 shed to breed peacock cichlids. I've seen a ton of people who do 10 fish colonies in 29 gallons and was planning on doing 20 fish colonies in 40 breeders. Or 30 fish colonies in 75 gallons. 1 male to 9 females. What I'm having trouble deciding is what I will need for grow outs. I plan on doing a flow through system so water quality will remain pristine. I will put flow through enough water daily to keep ppm below 20 in all tanks. Would 20 gallon to the 2-3 inch range then separate all males and move them to 40 gallons to sell and grow to maturity be reasonable if im flowing as much water as needed to keep nitrates low. Also how many fry per 20 and how many juvenile per 40? I'm trying to figure out how my racks will be set up and what my lay out will be. And how many colonies I can set up and have enough room for grow outs. Thank you for any advice even if you have experience and wish to give advice on topics I didn't bring up. Ive had a ton of fun with my current small breeding setup and would like to try to break even and support my hobby by going a little bigger.
  7. Hi guys- I'm hoping somebody can help me out, my tank boss is has recently developed a small bump on the top of his head, right before the dorsal fin. It's pretty much the same color of the fish itself, though a bit white in some areas. It almost looks like a bump from when you hit your head. This is a 6"+ Red Shoulder (possibly hybrid) Peacock cichlid. I'm wondering if it's normal or something to be concerned about. Aggression? Bacterial infection? Fungus? Any thoughts??? Thanks in advance. Oh, initially thought it could be HITH but its 100% a mound, or protrusion and not an indentation to further suggest this.
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