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Emergency SICK ADF


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Hey everyone,

My name is Jay and my friend Lindsay has been caring for ADFS for many years now. the current tank is a 10 gallon with lots of artificial plan life and little cave like rock enclosures. the residents of the tank are 1 ADF (female) , 1 Betta (Female) 1 golden mystery snail (sex unknown) and one tiny black snail that only comes out at night (breed and gender unknown)

Lindsay adores her frogs and her aquarium, and is diligent about things like water levels, overfeeding, and any issues that may arise.

Recently (Maybe 2 to 3 days ago) her ADF blew up like a balloon, I am not a vet or even a frog guy, but today I took these photos. I am hoping some of you "fish nerds" can recognize this. Is it dropsy? can it be fixed, is there something inside the frog.

I did my best with the photos, hopefully someone has an "aha moment" and maybe we can save this little gal.

Currently she is floating to the top, getting air then forcing her way under plants to stay submerged.

Thank you to all eyes on this, and feel free to move it if its in the wrong spot, i did watch the welcome video Cory, but tbh this is an emergency.









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