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Found 6 results

  1. I've been seeing more and more people post terrible news about their pets freezing to death due to major power outages. I thought the community here could offer some of their best tips to help our fellow hobbyists and keepers get through this super scary time. I've seen people using car batteries although I wouldn't know exactly how to set that up. Also those portable car jumper/battery things seem like a good option. I'm lucky enough to have power up here in Washington but my family in Texas isn't so lucky. (They don't keep fish or aquaria though).
  2. one of my pygmy corys is acting weird all the other fish including other pygmy corys are acting normal water parameters ph 7.2 gh 150 kh 80 nitrate 20
  3. I have been hatching baby brine Shrimp for the second time and I had an issue. I turned off the air to harvest them after 24 hours and their were a ton of them at the bottom and only a few were moving in the water column. What should I do?
  4. I think I will add USB power banks to my USB air pumps in case of a power outage while gone for the holiday. Anyone else do this?
  5. So my very naughty 3 year old emptied 8 containers of fish food in my Planted 20 gal this morning while i was in the shower (why I hardly shower haha). I put most of the fish in my quarantine tank and changed out most of the water, vacuumed as much food as possible out and refilled. I couldn’t get the baby shrimp out. I’m guessing that my ammonia is going to go through the roof as the food I couldn’t get out rots. Would you try to salvage it with daily water changes or just start over? I’ll lose my shrimp colony. I was planning to start a 29gal this weekend but the plants in this one have done so well and are/were flourishing.
  6. Before class I was in the process of moving my 10 gallon tank to a higher table right next to the stand it was on to make space for a 29 gallon. BUT in the process I managed to further crack the tank when there was just a tiny sliver on the top edge under the black trim. Luckily I had a spare 10 gallon and used it to redo my tank. Lots and lots of broken down aqua soil and almost a silt like substance. But in the panic of it all I managed to put the 10 gallon back onto the same stand it was on and forgot to place it onto its new stand. Do I have to completely redo the process and remove everything just to move it a few inches over onto a taller table? Anyways during class the explanation to my teacher of why I was busy was... complicated. Anyways here’s some pics of the new ten gallon.
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