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How do fish keepers/ indoor jungle gardeners remove bug infestations?


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Hey everybody, 

I just finished watching some hoarding videos on the interweb and they found bed bug infestations in multiple houses, and the new Mark Rober video on the bugs. In one of the episodes they treat the house with chemicals, and in the other they treat with heat. This had me wondering what would you do for either? Online had some idea around wrapping the tank up with plastic and stuff for the duration, but I didn't see anything directly for heat treatments. Most advice was to remove the tanks or plants for the time being, but what if the people can't? 

I would love to hear y'all's ideas. 


PS. I dont have bed bugs, just genuinely curious on a situation like this. 

PPS. That makes it sound like I have bed bugs; like when someone says their friend like you but in reality it's them. So, yeah.... I don't got the bugs but it kinda sounds like I do, but I can't prove it lol. 


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I really think the only safe solution would be to remove anything living, even if it's just a chemical treatment. You can never be 100% sure chemicals won't find a way into the tank, even when they're wrapped in plastic and "protected". A heat treatment would be essentially impossible to protect against - even with a chiller, I think. At 122, that's pretty much 40 degrees before a tropical tank becomes comfortable. Most chillers are designed to drop temps by 10/20 or maybe 30 degrees, as far as what I've seen.

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