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Help with low light plat profile on Fluval 3.0

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8 hours ago, Cory said:

We would need to know what size aquarium you have. 1 light on a tank 3 ft tall would be near low light, on a 10 gallon it's ultra high light. 

Yeah sorry to not include that info for your reference either @Mikeo. My tank is 24" deep, so the depth is twice what your tank has. 

Just to give you some before and after shots for running your lights much dimmer, here are my crypts in June when first planted, then again this morning. 

Over the duration of their growth, I slowly bumped up the light intensity a little to what I originally posted to this thread (my starting point was 50%). This tank is low-tech, no Co2, moderate fertilization with dry ferts and root tabs.




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