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FX6 pulsating knocking sound inside it


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FX6 pulsating after cleaning and maintenance.  There’s a knocking sound inside it too, maybe the pulsating is bumping things around in there.  It’s not an air issue, it’s sealed and valves are open.  There’s very little water coming out sporadically in small pulses to nothing at all.  It’s been fine for 18 months.  
many ideas?  



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The noise you're hearing is air being hit by the impeller.  Even if you purge it perfectly there's a few things going on....

A.  You might need to clean the pump / impeller so that the flow i strong enough that it can push out the bubbles.
B.  You might need to rock or angle the canister itself to push the air out of crevices and then let the pump push it out.
C.  A pinhole in the tubes that is pushing air into the canister.

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