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Suggestions for what substrate to mix with my current one?


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Hi guys. I purchased root tabs, but I am struggling to keep them under my very thin layer (1 inch or even less) of coarse gravel substrate. I imagine my rooted and stem plants are not going to like it too much either (I'm trying to grow dwarf hair grass, Italian val, crypts, and hornwort).

I'm 100% going to buy more substrate to increase the height of of it so I can at least get a 2-3'' layer (that should be thick enough for my 5 gallon right?), so I was wondering what you guys recommend. Should I just buy more coarse gravel? I heard root tab nutrients will leak out if the substrate is too coarse, so I don't know if I should opt to find a finer substrate and mix it with my existing one. If anything, I would prefer fine gravel rather than sand or dirt if it'll still play well with the root tabs.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated 🙂 thanks.

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