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Tree moss

Lacey Grant

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I have an abundance of moss on my property. I was offered $80 for a moss covered limb. I did not sell it.

There is very little information about tree moss in fish aquariums. Well, my brother in law has had huge success with it in his shrimp tanks. I’m now trying it in my fish tanks. 



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On 2/22/2023 at 8:54 AM, Lacey Grant said:

It is starting to die back. I’m going to let it do it’s thing and see what happens. 
If it comes back without to much issues, this is going to solve a lot of moss issues for those that can’t get any. Lol

for me it was odd, some of the moss died, then got used to the water, and some of it is still dead,

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It's a crap shoot with terrestrial moss. I've had pretty good success so far though. Doesn't look like it does terrestrially though. I believe what I have is a kind of dicranum or "mood moss" as it's called in the reptile trade. It grows tight and pillowy when terrestrial. 


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@Lacey Grant i will say this:

Its a VERY slow process, i have moss patches ive put under water MONTHS ago that are starting to convert now, it will look different too.


ive read some scientific stuff on mosses, they actually can reproduce better submerged, and evolved from living submerged.

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