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So I'm doing a parasite cleanse on

55gl, 82°,ph 7.2, gh 300, kh80, nitrite 0, nitrate 10, 3yr old 

Guppies, a dojo loach and a angel fish

I never fully got rid of them over the years and now I'm just going to finally hit um hard so 

I started with posipro at 2x strength for 3 day then 50% and 5gl everyday since 

I use seachem safe for dechlorinator

And now I'm alternating between two different types of medicated food, one in the morning and other at night 

Does anyone have any thoughts on this type of cleanse 

Too much, too little, ease off the nuclear worm Holocaust or maybe more nuclear like pea,carrot and flutabendazole diy gel food (experimenting atm)


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I used that food on guppies back in the day, it seemed to help. Generally I think meds in the water and fasting has helped the most in my experience. Those must be super parasites for all that medication lol hopefully that clears them all up, random question, how’s your dojo doing in 82? I’m just curious I keep them myself and was always timid about the temp but I’m hearing more and more that they do fine warmer then I was led to believe, which would open up many more tank options 

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I would do the levamisole and praziquantel flake first them follow up with fenbendazole if your not seeing any improvement @Dr.rexand @CJs Aquatics it requires the host fish to metabolise fenbendazole to activate oxfendazole to a make it an effective treatment dosing the tank isn't effective with fenbendazole levamisole is effective and praziquantel when dosing the tank

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@CJs Aquatics @Colu I didn't know dojo's liked it cooler but he's doing fine so far

300w heater set to 82 but it turns off with the lights, lights are astronomical sunrise to sunset via smart plug

He's 2yrs old and about 11in, his name is Mr.wiggles and he demands cold water changes, he'll go nuts while it raining outside till I change some of it out for cold water, then it's a feeding frenzy for him till next "rain" so to say, he's a really chill fish till storms move in, then he goes just flat nuts banging, smacking and hitting the lid and tank, and if y'all didn't know they make a really cool sound when they come up to the surface and grab a gulp of air like a beta 


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