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Hi all! This is Barb from Michigan. I’m new to the forum but have been following the AC YouTube channel and ordering from Cory’s store for years. I’ve been downsizing and have a 40 gallon and 20 gallon now. I’m understocking and over planting, and that’s been working great for me. Getting too old to lug 5 gallon buckets of water and haven’t done the work needed to automate water changes. So life is good with these 2 remaining tanks. Happy fishkeeping everyone! 🐟 

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On 1/28/2023 at 3:58 PM, Barb said:

his is Barb from Michigan

Hello Barb, from a former Michigander and welcome to the group. I feel your pain about water changes. I recently splurged on a Python and wow, it's a game changer. Can do a large water change and refill in less than an hour (40 gal tank). Show us your tanks!

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Hi Barb! I was like you, I'd bought great stuff from Aquarium Co op and watched a ton of videos. I've had lots of people here offer help and encouragement from many of the expert fish keepers in this forum as well as fellow new hobbists. Welcome to a great resource!

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