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Rate Your Tanks: Level Ten Life for Tanks


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Level Ten Life is an exercise I use at work and today I decided to apply it to my tanks.

At its core, LTL is a way to hone in on the action steps toward your goals (in other words, ok to ignore all the decorative visuals that show up if you google it, it's about goals clarification, not Pinterest-worthy graphing).

I decided the categories I'm interested in evaluating are:

Stocking: wellbeing of inhabitants   8

Stocking: looks   5

Plants: variety   6

Plants: health/growth   6

Decor (wood, stone, etc):   7

Ease of care:   9

Daily Enjoyment:    9

General Appearance ( I use Cory's "grandma test" for visually satisfying here):   8

Those numbers are for my kitchen tank, shown below.

I have five tanks running and I haven't rated them all yet, but even going over these points for one tank has given me some fun in considering next steps. 

Anyone else want to rate your tanks?



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Black Corydoras:
Stocking: wellbeing of inhabitants   8
Stocking: looks   8
Plants: variety   1
Plants: health/growth   4
Decor (wood, stone, etc):   8
Ease of care:   3
Daily Enjoyment:    7
General Appearance: 7


Panda Corydoras:
Stocking: 3
looks   1
Plants variety: 2
Plants: health/growth   1
Decor (wood, stone, etc):   3
Ease of care:  8
Daily Enjoyment:   8
General Appearance: 1

I can explain these if someone is interested but needless to say it's a project to get the tanks to where I'm happy with them. It'll get there.


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On 1/21/2023 at 1:36 PM, FLFishChik said:

So, are the ratings where we “think” our level is currently at?

Yes, based on what your own ideas about what a "10" would be--nobody else's rating scale applies, just yours. 

Also just to say--you don't have to use the categories I came up with, you're free to make up your own!

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This is for my 20 gallon tank, since my 10 gallon is an empty, cycling work in progress.

Stocking (wellbeing): 7

Stocking (looks): 6

Plants (variety): 7

Plants (health/growth): 5

Decor (wood, stone, etc): 5

Ease of care: 8

Daily Enjoyment: 9

General Appearance: 7


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