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Scientific anomaly. Betta breeding


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So, first the observation. 180 fry in my first batch made it to 2.5 months. 1 let me repeat this, ONE turned out to be male.

To research I go. Turns out, they still don't exactly know what causes a fishes sex. Even going down to the DNA level. At least this was what I understood from the papers. 

I might try and figure this out as I would rather not have to cup 1300 Bettas. Im going to switch one aspect of ever breeding to see if I can isolate and repeat the process. If I can, then I'll have it tested and see if we can't figure it out. 

I've never heard of such a ratio before. 1 male to every 180 females is insane and exactly what I could have wished for.

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I would much rather have females then males. We want to specialize in sororities more than singular Bettas.

But for science! My temps were right around 80-82. I have another spawn and I'm going to try and keep all factors the same. Hopefully it doesn't take too many batches to isolate the cause.

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