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Murky tank water

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7E7EE123-6FA4-4F44-AAD7-77BCD8599F88.jpeg.72f9da3e159910d9a67176fb0fa9ce91.jpegSo my tank was leaking so I needed to get a new one. I put in the same filter and decorations but changed the gravel. After I transferred the water my tank was really dirty. I had washed out the gravel before putting the water in but that was not enough. I have my fish in a big bowl with a lid on top while I was transferring everything. My water parameters are the exact same as they were in my other tank before I moved everything. I have to leave soon and was wondering if it would be safe for my 3 guppies, 3 Platies, and one nerite snail to go into the murky tank water or if I should leave them in the bowl. I also have cats and I’m scared that they would do something to them in the bowl. I am leaving for a hour and a half.

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