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Pogostemon Stellatus Octopus???

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Happy new year to you all

I'm hoping there are some plant experts in as I picked up some Pogostemon Stellatus from my LFS from the bargain bin.

To my eye it looks like Octopus variety but the label just says Pogostemon Stellatus

A google search tells me that it requires CO2 where as Octopus doesn't. From the images on the web standard PS appears to have more needle like leaves?


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Hi, to the best of my knowledge "octopus" is the same plant as one labelled without it although I could be wrong. When I had the plant as ACO sells it, it definitely did not need CO2 to grow like a weed throughout my tank. Those look like the emersed grown leaves to me, so I would expect them to melt before the thinner leaves you mentioned grow in. Good luck!

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Thanks both, I think I'm just going to have to wait for it to convert and see what happens.

Google is telling me that Octopus is a separate sub species that is really easy to grow in low tech aquariums, where as straight PS needs high light and CO2

Luckily I got the plant on clearance so no huge loss if it doesn't make it in my low tech tank I suppose

I'm currently looking for a nice 10 gallon long for my chili rasboras and planning on adding a layer of aqua soil (too lazy/forgetful for root tabs) under a fine gravel substrate so it will have the best chance to thrive I guess

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