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Turkana excul jewel cichlid info

Stephen Zawacki

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Alrighty so I comepletely changed my tank  I have the uns 17 gallon, went to my fish store recently, to buy fish for the tank, and when I first walked in saw these guys, I have never seen a more personable fish their always following me around the room nipping at my fingers, and they are so energetic, I got a group of 6 to grow out, I know they grow slow  in the goal of getting a pair, I will be upgrading their tank eventually I have one more semester in college so it’s my college tank so limited on size would like to after college at least get a 75 to 125, what I would like to ask in my current tank do you have any recommendations, because there are really no good articles online? That talk about them and also any care info I should know? Here are pics! Thx 




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