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New Emperor Tetras; One Is Infected


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Hey all!


I got a group of Emperor Tetras in yesterday. Today one has developed this... spot, on its body. It is breathing rapidly but is also nibbling on stuff so that tells me its appetite isn't gone.


I'm at a loss for what it could be. The fish are in quarantine in a very established tank kept running for quarantine and hospital. I've dosed the tank with Ich X, EM Erythromycin, and General Cure. Temp is 78 degrees.


Any advice?




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44 minutes ago, Candi said:

The erythromycin and Ich X should take care of this for you. If there were no plants in the tank, you could use salt. One tablespoon per 3 gallons. 



Thanks Candi! Today the fish already looks a lot better. Most of the white stuff is gone, there's a bit of a scar left that needs to heal, but the fish is no longer breathing rapidly. I think the med trio is going to work, hopefully.

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