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Treat Waisting Disease and Ick as the same time?


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Hello, Friends.  I'm new to the hobby.  I am retired and have always wanted an aquarium.  I have a 10 gallon tank.  I have extremely hard water with a PH of 8.0 to 8.2 there is no ammonia, nitrites or nitrates.  I have a HOB that came with the tank kit.  My tank is planted with 3 crypts,2 annubius, 1 val, javi moss and hornwort.  I have three platys, 4 harlequin rasboras, a female beta, 2 cherry shrimp and 2 mystery snails.    The tank has been setup for about two months.  

I just started using Fritz ParaCleanse today for Waisting Disease for my platys.  While putting that in the tank I saw some Ick on a couple of the rasboras.  Can I use Ick-X at the same time?  Or should I wait to treat the Ick after the 5 day treatment with the ParaCleanse?

Thanks for your help.  JLV

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Hello @2022jlv, welcome to the forum. Sorry you're having trouble. Others will have an opinion but in this hobby there are many ways to approach a problem here is my view:

It should be possible to treat both at the same time. During this time it's very important to keep the water as clean as possible, because without a nitrate reading this tells me your tank may not have been cycled- which can cause stress in the fish thereby causing illness/immune system issues- and/or your fish came in sick already which hasn't helped you. Know that extremely weak fish may not survive the treatment. I would check ammonia and nitrite every day if I were in your shoes and if it is high I would do a water change and redose meds if I had to. 

If the fish seem otherwise strong and active you might consider doing the whole med trio, but that's something only you can assess. 

If I were in your shoes I would: Hold off on feeding or feed VERY sparingly every other day. Before adding the second medication I would do a big water change- then dose the new med and possibly redose the 1st at least a little bit. Then check ammonia and nitrite levels every day- if those numbers are in the danger zone I would do a water change. If you don't have a cycle like I suspect you are now doing a fish-in cycle with medication. It's possible but it will take work on your part. 

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