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Hello everyone, My name is tim im new to the fish hobby. I would say I’m about two months in, I own African cichlids Mbunas and peacocks. I didn’t know what I know now, which is these two fish shouldn’t be together especially because there diets are different. I don’t have the funds to purchase another tank I currently have a 75. I was looking to see if you guys had any suggestions for feeding both cichlids one food I have heard about the spirulina flake from extreme which I plan on ordering today. I just wanted to see if you guys may have had  experience with this before I go with the extreme brand flake.

thanks in advance 

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I was able to keep a mixed african cichlid tank for 5ish years without any issues beyond typical aggression early on in my hobby. 

If I recall correctly I was feeding a few things but primarily it was Omega one cichlid super color pellets. I like to vary what I feed more now that I did back then. I think mixing in some spirulina flake would be a great idea.

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