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Hey Nerms!

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Hey everyone,

My name’s Ryan and I’m a humble aquarist in Colorado! I’ve been keeping aquariums since July of 2020, and really fell in love as soon as I set up my first tank. It all started when my girlfriend bought me a Carolina Reaper pepper plant and I was curious if I could grow it out of a tank.

As of now, I run 13 aquariums (all planted/community tanks and a couple QT/grow out tanks) and love the challenge of breeding fish and raising fry. My goal is to keep aquariums that I enjoy, and when my fish breed I enjoy trying to hatch the eggs and welcome the challenge of raising the fry. I work an insane (more than) full time job, but when I’m not on the clock I enjoy working with my tanks, spending time with my girlfriend, hanging out with our dog and cat, gaming, and learning new skills and things in general. Check out my Instagram at @AllFishNoBrakes and I look forward to connecting with each of you!

I’m a little all over the board when it comes to my tanks. I have tanks with cO2, tanks without cO2, a dirted tank with no filter, HOB’s, sponge filters, shrimp, snails, bigger fish, nano fish, community tanks, pea puffers, angelfish, livebearers, egg layers, 1 fish, 2 fish, red fish, blue fish, etc.  I’m always excited that I can try something new, and even “old things” are still exciting to me!

Below are some recent shots of my planted community tanks. Let’s connect, have some fun, and help each other grow and learn!








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