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  1. Those don't look like bladder snail eggs. This is what they look like.
  2. I've never used magic eraser before, I guess if unscented also safe to use in aquarium that has fish & shrimp? Got some Green spot algea that is hard to get off of curved bowfront glass with magnet or plastic card.
  3. Hi everybody! I picked this tank fluval 5 gallon up at side of road and could use some handy tips as to how to restore it back to a working order. It has bad hard water stains that I am worried I will scratch up the glass scrubbing off. Pump and lights seem to work and are original to the tank, but light is quite weak and I want to use it to grow out plants. What is a good plant light to replace it for this small tank? Thank you
  4. You have been swept off your feet with the aquarium bug! Love the enthusiasm and wish you the best with your aquarium endeavors. 🙂
  5. I definitely have been considering these, thank you for the recommendation.🙂 Thank you! I think they have interesting behavior for such a tiny fish. Thank you for kind welcome 🙂
  6. Hello everyone, just a quick introduction. I've been an a aquarium hobbyist for as long as I can remember, thanks to my parents starting me off at age 4. My early tanks were 10 to 25 gallons and were mostly goldfish to start and then moved on to live bearers like mollies, swordtails, platies and guppies. I was always the kid on the lookout for old tanks put out on the curb to fix up. I also kept an outdoor tank with creatures and fish from the local pond. I moved on to African cichlids in my teens for a bit while I was saving up for a large saltwater tank. For majority of my years in the hobby they were with saltwater and corals. Due to life circumstances, I slowly lost the tank and could no longer afford the upkeep of such a large tank. I had to regrettably sell everything. I have been without fish for several years now but never lost the itch. Recently got a fluval flex 15 to sit on my counter. It does feel so small compared to what I had for so long but also brings back much childhood nostalgia. Right now I have had the tank running for 3 weeks. I am slowly acquiring more and more plants and started tank with 10 Celestial Pearl Danios as I love the trout look of them. They are not as shy for me and thoroughly enjoy their antics and drama lol. I was shocked at how young and thin these fish are sold, when I brought them home and they were almost colorless. After three weeks they have fattened up nicely and are showing a lot more coloring and mature behavior. Out of 10, I can safely say I have 3 males and 7 females. I am unsure what I want to add next looking for something that will enjoy the cooler water as I am keeping it 70- 72. Anyhow not in a rush tank will take a bit to fill in and mature. Glad to find this forum to help brush up and stay current on latest info and of course offer any help or knowledge I can. Take care, see you around.🙂 Trying to add pics..
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