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Is this Ich?


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I purchased the med trio recommended on the website for treating new fish and plan on using it asap, but it has been misdirected to another town by the post office. As a temporary emergency solution I am using Tetra Lifeguard but I've lost at least two Corydora to whatever the issue with my tank is.

Until this outbreak my parameters were looking good, but as of this morning they sit at

Tank is a 36 gallon bowfront

Temp: 78 degrees

PH 7.4

Ammonia .25

Nitrite 0

Nitrate 20

(I'm new to trying to read these last two tests so I think it was)

KH 100-200 (took 7 drops to change color)

GH 50-100 (4 drops for color change)

I changed out 5 gallons this morning before running out for emergency meds.

I had a cory that was also not doing well but I think he has died just since I got back with the meds.

Stocked with 7 rasbora, ~10 albino cory (the count is unclear, they don't wanna stay still for me to count heads) and 8 blue wag platy.


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White patches of there fins isn't ich what I would do is test daily and do daily  water changes and add a double dose of prime till your ammonia constantly stays at zero and do a course of maracyn in food as the problems your having could be due to ammonia you could have had a spike and you missed it and now your seeing the after effects even ammonia at 0.25 can be harmful to sensitive fish


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On 9/8/2022 at 8:29 PM, FishPlanet said:

It looks almost like some type of fungus.

That was my initial thought, because I think I've been seeing fungus on some of the dead/dying fish, but this looks a little different than what I had been seeing.

Unfortunately I have no LFS nearby, and have to drive an hour to get to anywhere that has fish meds.

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The ammonia may be the issue here. You tested at .25, but that doesn't mean it wasn't higher at some point. Small water changes with a dechlorinator that also temporarily binds ammonia such as Prime, would be a good path forward. Some salt could help as well.

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