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what is this? mineral deposit or detritus below UGF


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Hi.  I noticed this mineral deposit or detritus (not sure what it is) on the bottom of the glass. You can't tell from the picture but it is sitting on the glass and not something growing on the UGF plate.   Anyone know what it might be?  The biggest change I had made to the tank was adding 10 tablespoons of sea salt (that was dissolved in a bowl of water) to my 20H tank.  I don't know if the deposit was there before or after the sea salt addition.  But this tank is new so I don't think any mulm/detritus would form by that much already.  Water temp is 76F and PH 8.2.

I had read that adding salt can cause calcium and other minerals to be removed from the water (depending on GH), but I thought that was supposed to happen at the water surface and not at the bottom of the tank.   

I have a few guesses 

  1. maybe salt crystals that aren't getting absorbed by the water (but I kinda doubt this b/c I'm pretty sure I can add more salt and it would dissolve) 
  2. maybe adding the salt somehow flushed all the fine debris (sand) that was in the gravel to the bottom
  3.  maybe calcium/mineral deposits


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On 9/8/2022 at 1:57 PM, Guppysnail said:

Mine builds up a bit but still nothing I worry over. 

Ok cool.  My main concern is over impeded flow over time, but the detritus is evenly distributed so I guess it'll be fine unless I somehow get like a thick layer of it.

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