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Call me Chris. 

Been lurking on the YouTube watching for a while. Recieved a 32 bow front for Christmas.  And just pulled the trigger on a 150G African Cichlid  tank ..with Mbuna. I purchased a fluval flex32 and contemplating a fully planted biotope..may be..its sitting empty until the chiclid aquarium is fully dialed in.


Thanks for having me up in here. 

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Welcome to the Nerm forum 🙂. I have never kept cichlids, just community fish. I am interested in a 40 gallon breeder for some dwarf cichlid fish in the future. I have also thought about dipping my toe into brackish tank keeping.  MTS is real!   

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Thank You.


I'm wearing boots😊



I had a 75 with cichlids years ago. They are incredibly intelligent and  vibrant.

Currently my set up.

150 used, home built stand, PennPlaxx 1500 filter, 500 and 300 watt heaters,  2 15watt power heads, one with a large  sponge filter. Two Nicrew programmable lamps., diy 1/4 plate glass lids. Temp is a steady 25C  ....77F  for the American in the group.

Aragonite sand and crushed coral substrate about 130lbs. And about 300- 200lbs of locally harvested granite rock..

Currently have about 13 juvenile mbuna cichlids. Labs,yellow chromosomes,Desmoni , red flame I believe,  and one or two that were just there...alone at the pet store..I've  to figure who they are and find their kin.

Fritz Complete water conditioner ,baby brine shrimp frozen, cucumber,boiled and shredded spinach, dry flake food for care..they now after a week dont appear to have pinch gut. And their poo isnt stringy or mucous slime runny stuff.

So far as it's only been two weeks, a couple water changes. And my cichlids race to me like a pack of puppies looking for food..which they get in small amounts 2 sometimes three , the third usually consists of cucumber or spinach. 

I also salvaged a large stainless steel restaurant sink from the scrap yard and installed it in the basement..I wasnt doing 50gallon water changes by bucket....

I've broken a sweat and bleed for these guys installing the sink. But I wouldn't change it. 

The 150 I'm hoping to find some spider wood to create a banzi tree using java moss. Also plan to include annubas and java fern to the land scape. 

I dont know if I want a air pump and bubbler,  I'm always paranoid about air exchange. For now the power heads  have venturi function to put my paranoia to rest.


And Thank You.

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Here ya go.

Still have foggy water from new tank. This is a fish in cycle. And before we go. I took measures.  The tank ran for 2 weeks after initial fill up. After that I added 9 fish, a week later 4, and 4 more yesterday.  

I added that Topfin aquarium starter ( big bottle)the day I added the fish.  After 5 days..I took the canister filter from my other and rinsed the media and sponges in aquarium water. That dirty water ,which is millions of bacteria,  I added directly to the tank ...So the tank has yet to measure nitrite,nitrate is low and ammonia is non existent.  

As said the water is foggy.  Today was water change day ,glass cleaning and so forth. 








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I should also mention the stand has yet to recieve its finish facia. I'll just be using wainscoting and homemade doors. 

Theres no center bracing ,but the 2x4s are sistered around the rim. I can fit a sheet of paper through the middle, which as Corey mentioned was a properly seated tank. 

The aquarium back is just a black garbage bag..serves its purpose.  

I will be getting more rock as the fish are showing a little agression.  My plan of just a rocky outcrop went out the window.  So I'll have two piles. 

I still would like java fern ,have moss and anubis.  Any thoughts on that?

Thank you.

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Thank You.

They are African Cichlid,  Mbuna Species...except one, a Venustus cichlid was put in the bag by accident and I didnt catch it at the store and they do not accept returns on livestock. Thank You Petsmart. But the little guy is playing ball and not being to aggressive.  That may change and I'll have to get him his own 75. 

They are generally vegetarian,  but will consume anything that's offered. 

I know they will nibble and pluck at the plants. As long as the plants are not a tasty treat.  Also ,I require plants that are rhizome organisms.  I have zero substrate for plants. The plants have to be able to feed directly from the water column.  Any plant suggestions would be appreciated. 

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