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Need Suggestions For A New Centerpiece Fish For 29G Community Tank


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So, I originally had Yuzu, my White/Yellow Dragonscale Plakat Betta as the centerpiece fish for my 29g community tank. All was going well. He got along with all the other fish, he even tried to join the Panda Cory gang... but, Yuzu likes to eat everyone's food along with his own and it lead to a swim bladder issue that I just finished nursing him through in a hospital tank. Now that he's being moved to his own tank so that I can better control how much he is eating, I need a new centerpiece fish for the 29g tank (not another Betta)! Any ideas?

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I saw a school of big glass cats the other day I thought they were rather striking. But only if you can fit at least 4 for impact.

Opaline gourami might look good as you have the colour from the cardinals. 

I'm currently using rosy barbs as center piece fish bit they are really manic .


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Here’s some ideas

Single male apisto - a pair could be a problem with the pandas but a single male would probably be ok from what I’ve read.  I’m just getting into apistos so take with a grain of salt as I don’t have experience with that combo.  There are lots of options if you have softer water.  

kribensis seem cool but I don’t know much about them.  I would consider it though.

 A single angelfish is another option.  Cardinals may be at risk when the angel gets bigger but I think if you get a juvenile and it grows up with them it would work out.

Bolivian Ram can be nice.  Cardinals could take the temp for a German blue ram but the pandas would not do so good at 83.

Spme Florida flagfish could be nice in that setup too.  

scarlet badis is a neat little fish if you are down with feeding live or frozen food.

l like a Siamese algae eater or pearl gourami in a 29 but some may say that is too small for that size of fish.  

My two cents off the top of my head.

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On 8/27/2022 at 2:07 PM, _Eric_ said:

A single angelfish is another option.

If you do this, make sure it is a smaller angelfish like P. Leopoldi. A 29g is probably the minimum tank I'd keep an angel in as they really enjoy taller tanks. 

If going with the larger scalare, just make sure the decor is such that it's got plenty of swim room 

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