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My snake skin gourami had a major scratch... I can use assistance


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temp 76

ph 6.8

gh 120-180

kh 40

ammonia 0

nitrite 0

nitrate 20

My favorite gourami got spook when I was preparing the tank to be away on a long weekend, and I need to leave. He scratched himself on a log and I used kordon protector and some malifix, my brother will be home to provide further treatment and removed the offending log, I would like to know if anything less is needed.




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On 8/19/2022 at 8:56 AM, Colu said:

I would just increase water changes that will help speed up the heal process and finish the course melafix that  acts as I mild antiseptic to help with healing and just monitor him for now

I agree. Try keep the water chemistry at its best for a quicker recovery.

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