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Dragon Rock-which fish are safe?


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I have been considering adding Dragon Rock to my aquarium(s) and I’m worried that it may prove too rough or sharp for certain fish, like my Betta.  Which fish are safe to live with Dragon Stone and which are not?  Also, I like heavily planted and large community aquariums, so that’s something to consider also.  (I realize I’m taking on a lot of maintenance!)

edit: I mean Dragon Stone!

Thanks everyone!

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One of the common things that a lot of people overlook is hardscape prep!

When I first added rocks to my tank the one I had locally was lava stone.  Ridiculously sharp stuff!!!  The way you prep lava rock is similar to what Cory does with his cinder block stands and leveling the stones out.  You can use something like sandpaper, but the easiest way to do it is to take flat sides of two rocks and rub them together to break those fine edges. You can also do this against cement, something like that, but this may damage the surface of the rock depending on which you use.  80-grit sandpaper is what I used.

Dragon stone is one of the other types of hardscape that has a pretty unique prep method.  It is, or can be, a very muddy stone.  All the scoops and indents in the rock may often contain a ton of mud and it take a lot of work to get that out of the rock.  The mud runs really deep into the rock and it's just something you have to take time to remove depending on what piece you have.

Rocks with these deep cavities for instance, those pockets are where the mud gets into.

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On 8/18/2022 at 10:56 AM, Bardotraveller said:

 ooh, excellent advice, thank you! I think I have a pretty good kitchen sink sprayer that would work well on getting out the debris, I love that thing, but I imagine I might have to set it on low to keep it from scouring the stone

Just be careful with that stuff going down the drain. 🙂

I totally have used the kitchen sprayer with a bucket before. 😂

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