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  1. @nabokovfan87 oh, I have a septic tank, is that something I should be concerned about?
  2. @nabokovfan87 ooh, excellent advice, thank you! I think I have a pretty good kitchen sink sprayer that would work well on getting out the debris, I love that thing, but I imagine I might have to set it on low to keep it from scouring the stone.
  3. Hello! I have been considering adding Dragon Rock to my aquarium(s) and I’m worried that it may prove too rough or sharp for certain fish, like my Betta. Which fish are safe to live with Dragon Stone and which are not? Also, I like heavily planted and large community aquariums, so that’s something to consider also. (I realize I’m taking on a lot of maintenance!) edit: I mean Dragon Stone! Thanks everyone!
  4. @nabokovfan87 oh, excellent, thank you for the tips, especially the super glue tip. I’ve retrieved the moss out and I think I’ll try that, as I would like to keep it as a mat.
  5. @Guppysnail That’s what I was worried about, do you have any idea of how I’m supposed to separate the moss from the mesh at all? I’m super happy with my Amano Shrimp! Thank you!
  6. Hello everyone! I was excited to get my Java Moss from the Co-op and it’s been grown on those steel mesh pads, which is great for carpeting. However I also have Kuhli Loaches that are new to my tank, and because they hide and burrow a bit, I worry that the sides of the mesh could tear into them. I have stratum gravel on top of regular gravel and then I placed two squares of the Java moss on top of that. Is this something I should be concerned about?
  7. Oh, thank you for the excellent advice, I’ll look into it. I’m in rural norther New Mexico, but close enough to Santa Fe and sometime Albuquerque, so I might be able to make some good aquarium buddies there. Downloading the app now. Thanks again!
  8. Hello fellow poor people. My husband and I recently discovered this hobby in the last month, and in the interest of keeping our marriage intact and not losing him to some aquarium-obsessed fish lady, I reluctantly joined him and found out that I absolutely love aqua-culturing and aquascaping. So much that between him and I we have started three aquariums and are in the process of setting up two aquarium for his mother and a hospital aquarium for all of us. We are not rich people, so it’s been beans and rice every night, but it’s been very nice so far. I’ve set up my 10 gallon tank with multiple plants from Aquarium Co-op and some cherry shrimp and I’m hoping to add Kuhli Loaches and a snail soon. Eventually I’ll add a school of fish or might even try to introduce a betta ( I know I know) and I just bought a 20 gallon long aquarium ($25!) from another retailer that I’m hoping to go crazy with plants on. My dream is trying to make paludarium but my pockets are already emptied out due to the aquariums and I will need to sell a child or two to get some starter money. Just kidding, I don’t have any children, hence the plants. Glad to meet everyone and I hope to learn from all of your mistakes so I don’t have to make them myself. Laurie
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